About Us

Experience You Can Trust

Benefit Services has been serving the people of Kansas City for over fifteen years. Our president, Michael V. Moulin, has been in the benefits industry since 1981. Together with his associates, our firm has become one of the leading and most respected benefit service companies in Kansas City.


In 2004 Benefit Services won Stan Cramer’s Seal of Excellence Award due to our exceptional customer service, immense amount of experience and personal care for businesses and their employees. We continue to ever improve our company for the benefit of our clientele.


Get More, Pay The Same

As a benefits brokerage we search for and compare coverage for individuals, families and employers. When you need to file a claim or make any changes we do it for you. All this is done at absolutely no additional cost to our customers. Many people don’t realize that whether you go to a health insurance provider yourself or use a brokerage you end up paying the same exact price for your plan. In either case health insurance companies always pay a broker to do work on your half no matter how you initially purchased your plan.


Our goal is to give you what you are already paying for. In other words, if you’re not using Benefit Services you are paying for a service that you’re not getting. There’s nothing to lose – only something tremendous to gain.  We’ll locate the best plan for you, get your enrolled and manage any claims and policy changes.


Already have a plan? Not a problem. You can make the switch at any time. It won’t cost you anything extra. Your premiums won’t increase and your plan won’t change. You’re already paying for the service – we want you take full advantage of it. At Benefit Services, we’re not afraid to work to earn a living.


A Word From Our President

“Working together, my associates and I have succeeded in becoming one of the leading, most respected benefits firms in the area because of one thing, service. We care about your business and your employees.


I personally guarantee your full satisfaction. I am totally dedicated to providing unequaled personal service and benefit services at a level you have never experienced. I know that you will not be able to find another benefit company that can match the level of HR services and benefit services that we provide. And we do this at no direct cost to you or your employees.


I am so confident of the ability of our organization to provide the highest level of HR services and benefit services that I put them in writing. Business owners and their employees deserve more from their broker or agent than just collecting the monthly commission from your premium payment. Unfortunately, many brokers are unwilling to provide the level of service to which we are dedicated.


Many of the companies that allow us to deliver a personal presentation make the switch to Benefit Services from their current broker. And we’re particularly proud of the fact that our clients stay with us year after year.”

-Michael V. Moulin

President Of Benefit Services