Why Use A Health Insurance Brokerage

Why A Kansas City Health Insurance Broker?

What is the benefit of using a Kansas City health insurance broker? Is it cheaper to buy health insurance directly from a health insurance company like Blue Cross Blue Shield on your own? If you use a brokerage is your insurance plan more expensive? These are all great questions that we hear all the time. We’d love to give you the answers.


The Benefit Is Part Of The Package

Most people in Kansas City realize it, but health insurance companies already pay a Kansas City health insurance broker to do work on your behalf no matter how you initially purchased your plan. In fact, 3% to 7% of your premiums go toward that benefit no matter how you first got on board with your current health plan. Unfortunately, that means many brokers merely collect that commission and do not provide the services that you are already paying them to provide. That means that whether you do all the work of shopping around, comparing health insurance prices and filing all your own paperwork or not you pay the same amount as if you’d gone through a Kansas City health insurance broker in the first place.


You May Be Paying Twice

That means if you aren’t using a Kansas City health insurance broker you often end up paying twice for your coverage. How? First, part of your premium is passed on to your broker as compensation for servicing your account. Second, you also pay for it by spending time personally doing what you’re already paying a broker to do. This includes things like the resolution of everyday issues like billing errors, replacing lost ID cards, resolving claim issues, writing appeal letters, changing addresses, updating student verifications, assistance with mail order prescriptions and answering coverage questions and helping with provider lookups (just to name a few). If you are an employer the cost is multiplied exponentially. Sometimes there’s an employee designated to do all this work and in other cases employees are simply resolving issues themselves on their employer’s time. Either way you are paying twice.


Why Our Kansas City Health Insurance Brokers

The answer is simple. Your plan doesn’t change, you pay the same, do less and get more services. At Benefit Services our Kansas City health insurance brokers don’t mind working for their pay. Our service team uses a combination of ideas, experience, and skill to administer your account and resolve most issues with just one phone call from you. You’ll hear a live friendly voice, and speak with a caring individual who is actually concerned about keeping you happy.


If you’re already using a Kansas City health insurance broker you can still make the switch. The only things that change are your broker and your level of service. The only difficult part is telling the current broker that you’ve found someone willing to work for their pay. That’s never easy, so we advise that you ask yourself, “Are you willing to pay twice, just to be nice?” 


Join the many who’ve discovered what it means to be valued. Clients who work with our Kansas City health insurance brokers receive the best coverage and customer support, and as a result, stay with Benefit Services for years. Don’t leave your health care in the hands of people you’ve never met. Choose someone who’s happy to work for you. Call Benefit Services today.