Individual Health Insurance

Acquiring The Best Personal Coverage

These days finding an individual health insurance plan can seem overwhelming and expensive. With new government mandated health legislation people are feeling pressured to quickly find and purchase their individual health insurance. In this pressured rush to buy, many people don’t realize the benefits of using a health insurance brokerage to find the individual health insurance plan that’s best for them. In their quest for the best price consumers often end up going directly to a health insurance company like Blue Cross Blue Shield or Coventry and buy their coverage directly.


Are You Paying Twice?

Most people have no idea that when you use a health insurance brokerage you pay the same exact amount for your individual health insurance plan as you would if you went straight to a health insurance company yourself. The price is the same. There are no additional fees hidden anywhere. You pay the same, you don’t have the shop around to find the best health insurance plan, you get the same coverage and if you need paperwork done for a claim or questions someone else takes care of it.


In our do-it-yourself to save money society this seems almost unbelievable. How does it work? Here’s the behind the scenes story. What typically happens is health insurance companies already pay an insurance broker to do work on your behalf no matter how you first purchased your individual health insurance plan. That means whether you personally did all the work of finding, purchasing and maintaining your coverage or had an assigned brokerage do it for you your premium remains the same. Unfortunately, most people do not know this and the end result is many brokers merely collect that commission without providing the services that you are paying them to.


Experience What It Means To Be Valued

Let Benefit Services find a plan that fits your needs. We’ll find the best coverage for the best price. If you have a claim or need to make any changes we’ll do it for you. Don’t pay for a service without taking advantage of it. If you’re already on an individual health insurance plan you can easily make the switch to Benefit Services today. Your plan won’t change and neither will your premiums. It’s a win-win situation. Call today and hear the voice of a real person who cares about your well being and let us show you what the next level of service looks like.